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Image by Dominik Schröder

A.O.E. at a Glance

Beginning of A.O.E. 

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a social and professional sorority for women in engineering and technical sciences with forty chapters across North America. Founded by aspiring twenty-seven female engineering students at Marquette University on November 13, 1983, Alpha Omega Epsilon unites female engineers and technical scientists of all curricula on campus. 

A.O.E. at NYU

Alpha Omega Epsilon Colony at New York University was founded on February 26, 2015 with 11 colony founders. Just a year later, the colony evolved to become a full-fledged chapter. The Beta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon was installed at Tandon School of Engineering at New York University on February 27, 2016 with 23 chapter founders.

Our Mission


lies at the heart of every activity in which Alpha Omega Epsilon members participate.


opportunities at the chapter and international levels are available to Alpha Omega Epsilon members.


is integral to promoting the purpose of Alpha Omega Epsilon; the sorority is dedicated to educating the community on the importance of women in technical fields and encouraging young women to pursue technical careers.

Our ideals

  • As an individual, I will promote integrity, character, honesty, self-confidence, and uphold my financial responsibilities.

  • As a Sorority, we will promote unity, friendship, professionalism, follow traditions, and maintain our image.

  • As an integral part of the school, we will promote engineering and technical science activities, high scholastic standards, and strong relations between students and faculty.

  • As an active member in the community, we will promote understanding, knowledge, and communication within our profession.

Image by Antoine Rault

Our Objectives

  • To create friendships while promoting self-confidence, professionalism and 
    motivation among female engineers and technical scientists of all curricula.

  • To work for the betterment of the individual and the Sorority as a whole. 

  • To create a friendly and warm environment among its members. 

  • To promote the welfare and interest of the profession.

  • To strengthen the relationships between students and faculty. 

  • To enhance educational achievements and scholarship.

  • To help develop the highest standards of personal integrity and character.

  • To foster and maintain the bond of sisterhood through a continuing program for the alumnae.

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